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There is a reason why people have turned to the heavens for answers for thousands of years.

Knowledge empowers.


Dr. Stephanie Jourdan

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Welcome to the 

House of Higher Self.


We are here to offer tools and ideas to complement your  pursuits in more deeply and profoundly understanding your psyche and your relationship to the solar system.  

Pink to Orange Gradient

A complete offering of western astrology, guided visualization, numerology and tarot

Available in English by phone or translated from English into your language of preference for email.

Garden Tree in Center of Hedge Labrinth.

Appointment times for Astrological Readings

Saturday - 12:00 pm noon

pacific time zone

Weekdays - 12:00 noon,

2:00 pm and 4:00 pm

Appointment times for Guided Visualization

Saturday - 1:30 pm


Weekdays - 2:30 pm

Gradient Ocean

"The sacred geometry of the heavens are a ready-made roadmap for life."

Stephanie Jourdan, PhD

Starry Sky

We are based in

Los Angeles, but work with people all over the world.



Call to schedule an astrological or tarot reading

or guided imagery session.  

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