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House of Higher Self Tenets and Mission

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What we believe

to be true.

Humanity is beautiful and sacred and a friend of the Earth. 


Life is eternal.  


People are part of God, not separate. 


Existence and life are good and it is a matter of being in the flow of receiving that goodness. 


Hell is when you are out of alignment with your higher self, not an actual place unless you find a way to temporarily manifest that through a strong belief. 


All life matters and is precious. 


Every human takes us further into evolution as an expression of God. 


No one is better or more deserving than any other person. 

God is both universal and personal as he/she/it is all expressions and omnipresent. 


Our essential core is beautiful and good.  The fall from grace is a story we tell ourselves. 


The bible is a collection of stories, many based upon actual happenings, many changed by religious leaders, kings, and politicians to suit their needs at the time.  There are many books that offer inspiration as God is always answering our questions. 


Help can come from every possible source, especially those that we have not considered in the past.

Northern Lights

Astrological Tenets

There is a divine plan that we co-create for our life in the physical. 


There is no one to blame as everything that happens is part of our evolutionary journey. 


Past lives are real.  We've all been everything or will be at some point, gender-wise, race-wise, economic-status wise, appearance-wise, etc. 


The planets emanate an energy dynamic which we can utilize to create the lives we want by being born at a particular time and place. 

We believe in reincarnation and read astrological charts from that perspective.


Some charts appear to be barely influenced by past lifetimes while others are saturated with past life issues, relationships, losses and achievements.

Our goal is to identify the archetypal theme that appears in your chart governing your soul’s growth for this life. We also focus on past life issues that appear to need resolution in this lifetime.


We will also focus upon your strengths, challenges, family patterns, upcoming events and opportunities, and best places for you in the world.

We believe that astrology should be utilized to recognize the nature of the influences within our cosmic reality so that we can choose how to express and manifest them in our personal and shared lives.

Meditation by the Sea

Mission Statement

As astrologers, we strive to be free of any agendas other than to identify truth as it appears or occurs to us in relationship to you, our client.  The first step is to align ourselves with who we truly are.  


We believe in humanity’s free will in choosing how she/he/they shape destiny.  It is our intent to present material in an empowering, yet realistic manner.

We believe the choices we have made throughout our existence as a soul have inspired the decision each of us made as to when and where to be born.


Sometimes a person realizes that he has bit off too much when he/she/they planned out challenges for this lifetime and it’s better to reassess now here in the physical plane and feel the weight of some of his/her/their choices. 


Astrology is an invaluable tool for such an individual.  They/he/she can benefit from a reading that identifies rituals that can release the charge of such challenges and allow them to be processed energetically without traumatic suffering or exhaustion.

Since planets, signs, and chart sectors can represent many aspects of a particular designation, we will do our best to give you several options as to how the planets may be expressing themselves.


The planets are like nouns, the signs are akin to verbs, and the sectors (houses) are their environments of enactment: the who, what, how and where. 


We are committed to the task of providing the interpretation that best fits the theme of your life.

If you ask us regarding the timing of death for yourself or another in your life, we will do our best to accurately calculate that event.  Please do not ask questions that you do not feel ready to hear answered.

We dytobr to give you the kind of quality in a reading that we would desire for ourselves.

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