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“I live in Cornwall, England now! The last time you did a reading for me, you saw a big move written all over my stars. You were right!


You and I talked about NY, but apparently it was even further east … all the way to England.


I reconnected with an old boyfriend, the romance started again and because he has a son, I moved here in April of last year (which coincided with the end of this move era that you saw). We got married in August.


It’s been a total whirlwind, which was another thing that you saw, the right guy. 


It progressed so quickly that everyone is a bit shocked, but 'If you knew how many lifetimes you two shared, it's really no big deal.’


And that is pretty much how it has felt. It's just so right and effortless.  There’s no second guessing despite a complete blind leap into this new life of mine.


I sold my acupuncture practice, I don’t model any more; it's too far to travel.


It's so nice for me to update you. Your readings have been great for me, little beacons of hope when I felt pretty blue … and I’m glad to let you know how right on you were.”


Jill Lytle, Cornwall, England


Linda: Five years ago I was crazy in love with this Italian man. According to my chart, you said that he was not the right guy for me. Everything happened when you said it would and he turned out to be who you said he was.

You told me that in 2004 I would meet someone very spiritual who would love me more than anybody could ever love me, and, of course,


I did not think that was possible and I was bummed that it was four years away. Just recently, I came across the tape from my reading and listened to it and I had to let David listen to it.


We had come together in 2004. And all the things that you said about me were all the things that I had told him about me and were all the things that he had told me about me because David has some uncanny psychic ability that he just knows about you before he meets you or before he knows you very well.  

The story we wanted to tell you is his story about what happened when he actually got in a car accident and died.  

The story we wanted to tell you is his story about what happened when he actually got in a car accident and died.  

Stephanie (looking down at his chart): Oh, it happened when you were 43.


David: I was driving home, very depressed. I was feeding my soon-to-be ex-mother-in-law in a convalescent home. She was insane so she was medicated. She could not feed herself, so I had to go there and feed her.

Coming home, a guy turned left in front of me and hit me. My van rolled twice and then I knew I did not get hurt. I was looking at myself and thinking, ‘Oh, wow, I am not hurt. This is pretty cool.’


Then I realized there was blood, but I was still thinking it is not so bad. Then I hear people screaming and I can see the blood on my head.


Then I realize something is wrong because I should not be able to see my head.

Stephanie: So you were looking down?

David: How could I see me? I am looking through the side of my van. My right arm was crushed. That is why there is no feeling in these two fingers. I see my body. I see myself bleeding, but I have no pain.


Now all this time I have been a very religious person. I really believe in God and I believe in spiritual things. So I just said, ‘Somebody pray for me. Somebody pray.’

Testimonials on Love

This very beautiful apparition came and said, ‘Thank you God. It is not his time.’ That was the prayer. What I saw was this dark-haired, beautiful woman that was dressed like a gypsy with beautiful skin. I will never forget that look as long as I live. I thought it was kind of a weird prayer, but ‘thank you.’

Once she said, ‘Thank you God, it is not his time,’ I actually started vomiting and felt the blood and I realized that I was back in my body.


By this time, the paramedics were there working on my chest. I had really died for three minutes. They put me in an ambulance. They did the chest thing.


I remember waking up in the hospital. Then I remember waking up on my couch and the time frame was gone. I just remember telling people that I obviously survived and was resuscitated.

But then for about three months I did not know where I was because it was just craziness. I kept talking about this beautiful woman who prayed so that I could go back in. I asked other people, ‘Who was it?’ Nobody knew of course who this person was.


One lady said, ‘Thank you Jesus. Pray you heal this man.’ She was not the lady that I saw though, but she did say ‘pray.’ No, the lady that I saw had a gypsy look. She had beautiful flowing, dark, curly hair and beautiful skin. I can not say any more than that. Nobody else saw her.  

A month later I had gone through about fifty singers in my swing band. You have to a have a beautiful woman in front of the band.


Anyhow, a month later she comes in. I do not remember all of the details.

Linda: The audition.

David: I was not looking for her. I was looking for a keyboard player. When she came in my jaw dropped.

Linda: I brought the keyboard player.

David: She brought the keyboard player.

Linda: It was my boyfriend.

David: Her boyfriend at the time. And while I am auditioning him, I am looking at her and all I could think was, ‘My God, she looks exactly, exactly, how I would describe what the lady in my vision looked like.

Linda: My hair is actually curly.

David: Bohemian is the word. And I was without words.

Linda: And I saw him and instantly fell in love.

David: I remember saying, ‘Hey you guys ready to play?’ And I just did not even know, but as soon as she left I did not know what to say because I could not even remember how she sounded.

Linda: He thought I was married.

David: Yeah, that’s what I figured. I thought she was married to that guy, so I was not really going to tell her about my vision, but my God! I swear to God she is the woman I was searching for. So she leaves. I ask the trumpet player, ‘What was her name?’

Trumpet Player: ‘Linda.’

David: ‘Write everything in her key.’

Trumpet Player: ‘What? Really?’

David: ‘Make as many songs as you can for her.’ I did not want to share my thoughts. I had to wait for the right time because people do not understand. I did not want him to think that I was nuts.

Plus, I had had problems in my marriage for about ten years … longer than that really.


It was ending and I finally connected with Linda. I told her that I had to share something with her. I told her that I believed we are soul mates. I told her that I knew her from the experience.

The accident happened within half a block of the church that she got married in.

Linda: Yes, it happened right in front of the church I had gotten married in.

David: Of all the places in the world! And her marriage certainly did not work.

Linda: Thirty years ago.

David: I told her, ‘I know things about you.’ And Stephanie, I had not listened to your tape. I told her, ‘I know what you want out of life.’ She said, ‘How can you know these things?’

I told her, ‘I just know. I know that you are very deep spiritually. I know you are looking for someone who knows a lot more and I can help you with that. I just know about what floats your boat. I can tell you your favorite movie.’ And she said ‘try me.’ So I told her, ‘Arthur.’

Linda: That is my favorite movie.

David: I did not know anyone that knew her. I just knew these things. I also told her that I knew about the situation she was in. I said, ‘If this guy is what you want, then I want to be in your wedding, because my happiness is your happiness.’ It was that simple. When you are devoted to somebody, you do not care about yourself. And she said, ‘I am not happy in it.’ And I said, ‘I know.’

There are so many things I just know. Her back is out. It is on her left-hand side. I know it is anxiety, nerves.

Linda: And she showed me his scar. There is this scar on his back exactly where my back had been bothering me for six months. It is unlike anything that I have ever experienced.

David: And you will not believe this. Well, you will because you said it. You said, ‘In October 2004, you will meet. You will know the love of your life.’ We have it on film.

Linda: Yeah, we were filming that day.

David: They were filming it for a special for my drum clinic. And the ironic thing, when you look at it, you see me drumming and you see her face in the audience, and it is right there.

Linda: Oh, I was on stage because we did a performance, but I was sitting off to the side watching him and I did not know how we were connected. I just loved him.

David: We were in the band together. That day she was rubbing my arm, and I felt all this energy from her. I wanted to tell her, ‘I know so much about you,


Linda.’ It was not the right time that day, but that was that day. It happened in October as you said it would. It is a movie.

Linda: We should make a movie.

David: So look up 1:00 PM, June 2nd, 2003, Orange. You said Linda would marry or would find someone who is quite a bit younger than her.

Linda: Nine years.

David: And there is a little over eight years between us. And you said he would be very spiritual, which people say I am.


And also that he would be involved with the entertainment industry.


Obviously, I am. You said she would come into a lot of money. And then the last thing you said was, ‘he will be one hell of a dancer.’ I am not a dancer.

Linda: But we have been trying.

David: We are going to achieve that goal.

Stephanie: I said that because of the strength of Neptune, which rules music.

Linda: He can pass.

Stephanie: It was really the combination of Mars and Neptune, which is about strong rhythm. You obviously have an innate sense of rhythm as a drummer.

David: Yes.

Linda: He has great rhythm.

Stephanie: So getting back to this day. Here is where Saturn was at when the accident happened: 22 degrees Gemini. Here is where Saturn was when you were born. Saturn rules your physical reality and your place on the Earth. See how they were exactly opposite? Gemini rules cars and vans. Mars was also involved, which caused the accident.


The top of the chart is where you allowed yourself to be sacrificed. Maybe you were sacrificing yourself as a caregiver.


You were at a turning point of either staying and doing your life purpose or checking out.

David: You know what? I was ready to check out. I told Linda that.

Linda: He wanted to.

Stephanie: Saturn rules depression as well a loss of self.

David: I did not want to be in my situation. I was coming and feeding my mother-in-law in a convalescent home to be with my wife, my ex. I was depressed. I did not want my life. I did not even care about music anymore

Stephanie: This was your big wake-up call.

David: Yeah.

Stephanie: And here it is in her chart all happening at 22 degrees Leo. I know you do not know this part, but it is in the area of the chart where someone you do not know, a stranger that you are connected to through the heart, through Leo, intervenes.


She can do that because it is happening on a 22 degree level. It is in her fifth house of Higher Self at 22 degrees Leo which is a very high frequency.


So you both were hugely impacted by 22 degrees, which in astrology is a master vibration.


You both have the alien constructs. You have this ability to rise above it and connect to bigger rounds of truth beyond this dimension.


So, because you both have that ability, that is how you connected to each other. You called her in when you said ‘Somebody say a prayer for me.’ And because she is the teller of truth, it was a weird prayer. All she did was tell the truth.

David: Goosebumps on my bad arm.

Stephanie: Yeah.

David: It is true. We do vibrate at a higher frequency. Wherever we go, we light up the room. People invite us to parties just for us to show up.

Stephanie: That is it.

David: Well, it is more than that. Bottom line on that tape is what Stephanie said is true about me, providing I am that.

Stephanie: You are the one.

David: The soul mate.

Stephanie: You are that guy.

David: Well, I love this woman.”

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